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Central Asia Institute


Central Asia Institute (CAI) is an international non-profit organization, co-founded by Greg Mortenson and Jean Hoerni in 1996. The organization is based in Bozeman, Montana and works to promote and support community-based education throughout Central Asia, primarily in Pakistan and Afghanistan, by building schools, supporting teacher-training programs, and funding school scholarships.

CAI’s mission is to "empower local communities of Central Asia through literacy and education, especially for girls, promote peace through education, and convey the importance of these activities globally." The organization collaborates with communities to build schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, with a particular emphasis on areas where there is little or no access to education. Pennies for Peace is an affiliated organization that partners with schools and clubs in the United States and around the world to raise pennies for CAI's educational efforts.



The IDP and refugee crisis between Afghanistan and Pakistan is worsening daily. The second largest displacement of people in the world this rapidly growing tragedy is getting little attention in the world media. The expected total of displaced persons is expected to exceed 1.5 million sometime this summer. CAI only works in a few communities in Nangarhar province. Last year we were been able to provide 30 tent schools in and around Jalalabad.

So far this spring 98 requests for help and support with education supplies have been made to our overseas partners working in Kabul. They are aiming to fund 45 more tent schools to help fill this need. It’s a small contribution to a large problem but 5,000 - 6000 students will have the opportunity to get an education and help bring their country peace.

 In order to raise awareness for the growing severity of the situation we will be campaigning to raise the funds for the 45 tent solution. $66,172 will cover the cost.

In order to fulfill this goal to raise money for 45 tents we would like your help with visualizations that could be used on our website, shared on social, and included in our print magazine Journey of Hope that will be published this coming fall. Please order a physical copy for visual design referenceOr download the PDF.

Selected visualizations will be:

  • Featured on our website

  • Featured on our social media

  • Featured on our print magazine 



The main CTA is to for donations. Secondary is for fundraising. Third is to share information with your community.

  • Raise Money For The Next Generation Of Peace Leaders In Afghanistan
  • The New Face Of Afghanistan
  • A Person Without Education Is Like A Blind Person In The World
  • More Than Half Of Refugees Are Children
  • Helping Children Is Helping Nations
  • In Afghanistan Education Is The Path To Peace
  • When Women Move Forward The World Moves With Them
  • #Woman #Student #Revolutionary #Refugee
  • #Woman #Mother #Student #Refugee
  • The Unseen Refugee Crisis
  • Girls’ Education – The Unstoppable Revolution
  • Change Her Life And She Will Change The World



CAI’s primary audience is 65 and older 60% female and has a deep concern for children's wellbeing.





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  • Sign up as a volunteer if you haven't yet. 
  • Use the hashtag #VizForSocialGood on Twitter to submit your visualization(s) and a link (if applicable). 
  • Mention @datachloe & @Peacethroughed.



4th August, 2017 (11:59PM PST)

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