Our Team


Chloe Tseng


Viz for Social Good is founded and run by Chloe Tseng. 

Chloe Tseng is a Senior Data Analyst at Twitter, where she turns complex statistics and data into a story to drive business decisions. She loves visualizing data to raise awareness of social issues and founded Viz for Social Good, a nonprofit that empowers mission-driven organizations to harness the power of data visualization for social change. Passionate about increasing diversity in tech, she is the co-founder of She Talks Data, a community that supports women to become leaders in data.

Chloe has been recognized as a Tableau Zen Master. Her nonprofit Viz for Social Good has been named a finalist in the Fast Company's 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards and was awarded a Silver at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards. She is @datachloe on Twitter.