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Every organization comes to Viz for Social Good with different amounts and types of data. Please fill out the questions below in as much detail as you can to help us understand your data. Also, created visualizations will be shared on Twitter and websites, so if you have any concerns or NDA requirements, please let us know in advance. Describe the data you would like to use for this project and provide us with a URL. At this stage, please remove any confidential or sensitive data. It is extremely helpful if you can answer any of the questions below: what tables of data do you have? (e.g., a table for all the applications to our program) what does each row of data represent (e.g., an individual, a state, a survey response) what are the fields/columns in the table? (e.g., location, time, a paragraph on feedback) what is the size of the data - for example, how many rows? how many months or years of data? how many countries? format (e.g., Excel, PDF, csv)
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You can share any other resources (e.g., branding guide, articles) with us, or tell us about any concerns or questions you might have.

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