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Dear Tech People


Dear Tech People is dedicated to unearthing the data behind diversity in tech, starting with a race/gender ranking of 100 top tech companies. 

Most of us agree that tech could be a little more diverse. After talking to 50 HR leaders and hundreds of employees, we found diversity data to be incredibly sparse. We analyzed thousands of profiles and now have the data to hold companies accountable. We hope our data empowers advocates to push for change.



An interactive visualization displaying data for on race and gender for sub-industries within tech (Ex. fashion tech companies, security tech companies, etc). We want a way to display the information by industry within the tech space, because it will give a better context for how diverse and inclusive a company is. We’d love for participants to think about how their visualizations could be interactive and engaging. 

Dear Tech People v1 was all about transparency. For Dear Tech People v2, we want to provide more context. We still want users to be able to see race and gender breakdowns for every company, but we also want to allow for more meaningful comparisons, primarily 1) within sectors and for customer types, 2) highlighting intersectionality (women of color), and 3) allowing for a degree of interactivity so users can better use our data to answer their specific and unique questions. For maximum flexibility in our implementation, we’d love to see submissions keep it at 960 pixels wide. 

Selected visualization will be displayed front and center on our website!



We hope people leverage Dear Tech People data to make the internal case to invest in inclusion initiatives at their companies—like sending engineers to Grace Hopper, sourcing interns from HBCUs, or instituting bias training.



Our target audience is diversity advocates at companies.



company_table that contains 100 companies (each column is # of [race] [gender] combination as for Overall, Technical roles only, and Leadership Roles only)


  • sector, customer_base - tags that we use to categorize company types for more meaningful cross company comparison; we hope this helps companies better compare themselves to other companies structured similarly or facing the same challenges
  • technical_woc - women of color (woc) in technical roles
  • moc_leadership - men of color (moc) in leadership roles
  • ranking_score, ranking_technical, ranking_leadership - this is the index score that evaluates diversity holistically; it’s how we currently rank the companies