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Girls + Data


Girls + Data is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) with a core focus of providing middle school girls with hands-on learning opportunities in STEM careers in data analytics. Girls + data provides a single workshop or a series of hands-on workshops that focus on different topics in the field of data analytics. Each workshop uses Lead Learn Out teaching philosophy to boost their confidence and create a learning journey filled with dialogue and discovery.

We encourage parents/guardians to join our data camps that guide the girls through exercises that encourage them to think analytically about each real world application from a variety of career positions.

At each of our workshops girls get their hands on free software (that they can use later!) and simultaneously learn fundamental concepts in data analytics.

Project Information

We're looking for information to support the need for girls + data. We would like to visualize the importance of bringing more girls to the data science field as well as the impact we’ve made. This would be used in our annual report as well as on our webpage, and our sponsor pitch decks. Additionally, it would be something that we would use to request sponsorships and monetary grants for ongoing operation.

Visualization will be used for print (pitch decks for sponsors and annual report), as well as on the website and social media at different points.


Donating! We really need financial support as well as strong partners that are willing to host events, to keep going. Perfect examples of this are University of Wisconsin Madison, Looker, and Cisco Systems. All three of these provided $5,000 grants as well as space and computers for us to hold events. That's the total package!


Donors for now. Eventually, foundations.


1. Spreadsheets and PDF
2. Data is a little bit of a mess right now so it needs to be cleaned up. There are three main sources right now.
- Source #1: Data from event registration. This is the # of students registered and the attendance records for events
- Source #2: Right now in-event activity survey data is in a pdf or screen shot
- Source #3: Post-event data is in a google form. 

The in-event activity survey data is already aggregated. For post-program survey Each row is a student/participant

In-event activity
- What grade are you in?
- What are your favorite subjects?
- Why did you sign up for girls + data?
- How interested in a technology career are you?
- How interested are you in a career in computer programming or coding?
- Have you heard about careers in data analytics before today?
- What is data analytics?
- What is the average salary for an entry level data professional?
- How many new data analytics jobs will there be in 2020?

Post event program survey data:
- Timestamp
- What grade are you in?
- How much fun did you have?
- What was your favorite part of the event?
- How interested were you in data careers before this workshop?
- How interested are you in learning MORE about data careers?
- Would you attend another girls + data event with different activities?
- How would you describe data analytics to a friend?
- What is something new that you learned?
- What would have made this more fun?
- What are two questions that you still have about data?
- Enter your email to be considered for future events (optional)

4. Some of the survey has evolved over time and we don't have complete data since we recently stared it, but now we make a point to gather it every time.

How to Participate

  • Sign up as a volunteer, if you haven’t.

  • Use the hashtag #VizforSocialGood on Twitter to submit your visualization(s) and a link (if applicable). 

  • Mention @DataChloe.


2/5/2019 (11:59 pm PST). 

Earlier Event: September 16
Kevin Richardson Foundation
Later Event: February 7